Meta paying a daily penalty in Norway for unlawful behavioural advertising

On 6 September, the Oslo District Court ruled that Meta has to pay a daily fee of NOK 1 Million (circa €87,000) for not complying with the temporary ban on behavioural marketing by Facebook and Instagram issued by Norway’s Data Protection Authority on 14 July.

Meta had asked the Court to suspend the decision, but the Court agreed with the arguments put forward by the Data Protection Authority in the matter.
“This is a thorough ruling that provides useful clarifications. We are very pleased that the Court agrees with our assessments”, said Head of International Section, Tobias Judin.

The deadline for compliance with the DPA decision was set to 4 August 2023, and Meta’s daily fines have been running since 14 August.

The DPA is now considering bringing the matter to the European Data Protection Board in order to extend the ban EU-wide.

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