Ireland's DPA starts Facebook audit

A spokesperson at the Irish Data Protection Commission told PL&B on 7 November that the office commenced a comprehensive audit of Facebook Ireland at the end of October. ‘This will assess Facebook's compliance with the requirements of the Irish Data Protection Acts as they apply to its users outside of the US and Canada. This Office [DPA] is in communication with other data protection and privacy authorities which are or have examined Facebook privacy practices.’

The investigation stems from 22 complaints by the same individual about Facebook’s privacy practices. It focuses initially to establish whether a breach has taken place, and will comprise on-site and off-site elements. ‘Facebook is cooperating fully with the audit and we would anticipate that it will implement any necessary changes to comply with any requirements identified without the need for any use of powers by the Commissioner,’ the spokesperson said.

The audit should be completed by the end of the year, at which point the Commissioner will decide whether he will make some aspects public.

See the complaints.