Ireland’s DPA plans to suspend Facebook’s data transfers to US

Ireland’s Data Protection Authority has sent Facebook Inc. a preliminary order to suspend data transfers to the US that include EU users’ personal data, the Wall Street Journal reports. The preliminary order was apparently sent to Facebook late last month, asking for the company’s response.

Facebook started an appeal yesterday seeking a judicial review of the DPA’s decision in the High Court in Dublin.

Whilst the action is against Facebook, it could affect other companies in the future as the DPAs are preparing their response to the July 16 Schrems II ruling by the CJEU, which invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield.

The European Data Protection Board issued FAQs on the decision on 24 July, saying that there is no grace period.

See EDPB - FAQS on the judgment of the CJEU in Case C-311/18 - Data Protection Commissioner v Facebook Ireland Ltd and Maximillian Schrems