International Data Protection Commissioners plan greater enforcement cooperation

The 41st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners agreed on a framework yesterday, 22 October, that continues to strengthen the group’s position as an effective international forum, and decided on greater enforcement cooperation.

Gathering in Tirana, Albania, this week, the DPAs are working towards a global regulatory environment. They also said they will strengthen relationships with other international bodies and networks.

Steve Wood, UK ICO’s Deputy Commissioner told PL&B that this will mean enhanced information exchange and focusing on key areas, as well as issuing template Memorandums of Understanding. The conference will help new and smaller members by making sure future conferences will also discuss practical data protection issues. The ICO will continue as the Conference Chair for the next two years.

The conference passed several resolutions:

  • Resolution on the promotion of new and long-term practical instruments and continued legal efforts for effective cooperation in cross-border enforcement;
  • Resolution on privacy as a fundamental human right and precondition for exercising other fundamental rights;
  • Resolution to support and facilitate regulatory co-operation between data protection authorities and consumer protection and competition authorities to achieve clear and consistently high standards of data protection in the Digital Economy;
  • Resolution to address the role of human error in personal data breaches;
  • Resolution on social media and violent extremist content online.

The resolutions will be published on the ICDPPC website this week.

The conference continues tomorrow - follow @LauraLinkomies on Twitter for updates.