ICO to develop press code of practice

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) says in its formal response to the Leveson report that it has already started to implement several of the recommendations.

The ICO says that its initial proposal is to develop a Code of Practice under section 51(3) of the Data Protection Act to establish principles and standards to be observed by the press in the processing of personal data.  ‘We will in any case work with the new press regulator to ensure there is the appropriate linkage with any new code of conduct drawn up by them’, the ICO says. The ICO will also issue guidance to individuals by the end of May 2013, and will add dedicated media data rights advice to its website by the end of January.

The ICO stresses it is not actively seeking a wider role in relation to the regulation of the press and does not underestimate the challenges it would bring. There are "legitimate concerns" about the impact the Leveson recommendations could have on public interest journalism.