ICO seeks views on its 3-year plan

The Information Commissioner's Office is currently consulting on the practical steps it intends to take in order to achieve its strategic outcomes. Projects for 2012-2015 include:

1. implementing online registration and payment by September 2012, with the aim of having 90% of the transactions online by March 2014,

2. carrying out research on the effectiveness of monetary penalties (by October 2012),

3. conducting surveys of audited organisations, and

4. publishing an Anonymisation Code of Practice (by September 2012).

The ICO aims to continuously review areas of high risk and develop action plans to address these risks, and pursue closer liaison with the organisations involved. By October 2012, the ICO plans to have in place an advice service that will provide written answers to organisations’ questions, with 90% answered within three days.

On the Freedom of Information front, the ICO plans to update its publication scheme guidance (by March 2013).

The Plan merges business and corporate plans into one document. The consultation will close on 20 March 2012.