ICO publishes its objectives for 2016-2019

The new ICO corporate plan highlights the preparations needed due to the EU DP Regulation entering into force in 2018. As one of its strategic goals, the ICO says that the law, technology and public policy need to be developed and deployed consistently with the ICO’s goals, but without imposing disproportionate burdens on organisations.

The ICO plans to:

• launch the privacy seals scheme to accredit good information rights practices by September 2016
• publish more information about complaint outcomes
• issue a Revised Privacy Notices code in April 2016
• issue a Revised Subject Access Code of Practice in April 2016
• issue half-yearly progress reports in October 2017 on the number of enforcement notices and appeals, undertakings and fines
• introduce a monitoring process to evaluate how quickly data controllers respond to subject access requests
• agree proposals with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport to define new funding arrangements for the ICO by September 2016.

Referring to the forthcoming new EU DP framework, Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, said: “As we continue to apply the existing UK laws and discharge all our other responsibilities, the ICO will be embarking on a significant change programme. This process will be led by a dedicated change team, and will involve staff from all parts of the ICO. Our aim will be to make the transition as seamless as possible for all concerned. Our delivery objectives remain as relevant as ever and we will work hard to make sure that organisations understand both what their obligations are now and what they will be from 2018 - and that consumers and citizens are aware of their developing information rights.”

Graham’s term will come to an end on 28 June 2016. The new Commissioner has not yet been appointed.