ICO In talks with the government over future of UK DP

Speaking today at the ICO's Annual Report launch event, Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, said that the ICO will discuss the impact of Brexit on DP reform with the government. However, he would not want to comment on what form the future UK legislative regime would take. He said: “Consistency across Europe is crucial. The ICO has always worked closely with regulators from other countries, and now it is more important than ever to have consistent laws."

"The ICO stands ready to enforce the remaining rules. We will make the case for the highest standards and we are aware that we need to help data controllers to navigate the turbulent waters ahead in the next two years."

In answer to a question from PL&B’s Chief Executive, Stewart Dresner, he confirmed that if the UK becomes a member of the European Economic Area, like Norway and Iceland, the ICO would be able to take part in the meetings of the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party and subsequently the European Data Protection Board.

The annual report describes how the ICO is preparing for major changes with advice on specialist areas to be published later this year.

He pointed out that the UK has a history of DP legislation before there was the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive. The ICO is still in talks with the government about a new funding model. However, this issue may now not be so pressing with impending Brexit.

Several ICO staff, in addition to the ICO speakers, will attend PL&B’s 29th Annual International Conference next week.