ICO continues to invest in international cooperation

The ICO continues to play a key part in the international arena despite Brexit and the uncertainty over its role with EU counterparts. Yesterday, closing the proceedings of the 41st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Albania, the UK’s Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, said that the conference now gathers together 120 jurisdictions. Decisions taken this week about the future of the conference include year-round cooperation, changing its name to Global Privacy Assembly, and opening up to engage more with external stakeholders, in particular civil society, in a new reference panel to be formed in 2020.

Denham, current Chair of the conference was confirmed to continue for the next two years. The ICO played an important part this year in assisting their Albanian colleagues to organise the conference.

The conference adopted several resolutions:

  • Resolution on the promotion of new and long-term practical instruments and continued legal efforts for effective cooperation in cross-border enforcement;
  • Resolution on privacy as a fundamental human right and a pre-condition for exercising other fundamental rights;
  • Resolution to support and facilitate regulatory co-operation between data protection authorities and consumer protection and competition authorities to achieve clear and consistently high standards of data protection in the Digital Economy;
  • Resolution to address the role of human error in personal data breaches;
  • Resolution on social media and violent extremist content online.

See ICDPPC Adopted Resolutions

More news from the conference will be published in PL&B International Report.