ICO consults on its revised CCTV code

The Information Commissioner’s Office launched a consultation on 20 May on its revised CCTV Code of Practice, which is primarily aimed at businesses and organisations that routinely capture individuals’ information on their surveillance systems.

The code discusses new surveillance technologies and the issues they present, touches upon privacy impact assessments, and explains the impact that new case law has had on the area of surveillance systems.

The ICO recommends that organisations regularly review whether the use of surveillance systems continues to be justified, and make sure measures are in place to ensure the permanent deletion of information at the end of their data retention period. While the The Data Protection Act does not prescribe any specific minimum or maximum retention periods which apply to all systems or footage, retention periods should reflect the organisation’s own purposes for recording information. There should be a record/audit trail of how and when information has been deleted.

The draft code. Responses are sought by 1 July 2014.

The code is consistent with the Surveillance Camera code. Stewart Dresner, PL&B Chief Executive, reports on the role and work of the new Surveillance Camera Commissioner in PL&B UK Report, May 2014.