House of Lords seeks views on possible threats to EU-UK adequacy

The House of Lords European Affairs Committee has launched an inquiry into the UK’s EU data adequacy - how current arrangements are working in practice, as well as the possible implications of any divergence in the respective data protection regimes of the UK and the EU.

Written evidence is sought on the following points:

  1. What is your assessment of the existing adequacy arrangement underpinning data flows between the UK and the European Union?
  2. What are the possible challenges to UK-EU data adequacy regime?
    Specific points include the possible impact of proposed UK rules on automated decision-making and the use of Artificial Intelligence on data adequacy.
  3. What implications, if any, would a no adequacy, or disrupted UK-EU data adequacy scenario have?
    The inquiry seeks views here on whether the DPDI Bill raises concerns about the current ‘direction of travel’.
  4. What can be learned from other countries’ experience with the adequacy system and engagement with the European Commission’s process?
    For example, what are the implications for the UK’s EU adequacy status if the UK grants its own adequacy decisions to other third countries currently not subject to EU adequacy?

The EU Commission will review UK’s adequacy by June 2025.

Interested parties may submit evidence by 3 May.