Government launches national AI strategy

The government's National AI Strategy, launched on 22 September, defines a ten-year plan to make Britain a global AI superpower. The government stresses that AI will become mainstream in much of the economy and action will be required to ensure that every sector and region of the UK will benefit from this transition.

The National AI Strategy aims to ensure ‘the UK gets the national and international governance of AI technologies right to encourage innovation, investment, and protect the public and our fundamental values.’

The Office for AI will develop a pro-innovation national position on governing and regulating AI, which will be set out in a White Paper in early 2022. The government will work with The Alan Turing Institute to update guidance on AI ethics and safety in the public sector and consider which open and machine-readable government datasets can be published for AI models.

The current government consultation on the UK’s future data protection framework - Data: A new direction – open for comment util 19 November, invites views on the role of the data protection framework within the broader context of AI governance. Specifically, the consultation examines the role of sensitive personal data in bias detection and mitigation in AI systems, and the use of the term ‘fairness’ in a data protection context.