Facebook receives Europe’s highest ever DP fine

Following PL&B’s e-news on the Belgian Facebook case on 11 November, it is now clear that the fine of 250,000 Euros is per day. The Belgian DPA’s website states: “The Court imposes a penalty upon Facebook amounting to 250,000 EUR per day that it does not comply with the order, because the penalty’s amount needs to be sufficiently deterrent. The Court points out that Facebook in 2014 realised a turnover of 12.4 billion US dollars and a profit of 2.9 billion US dollars and is one of the financially most capable companies in the world, so that the amount of 250,000 EUR is adequate.” Facebook has announced that it will appeal against this decision.

Belgium’s DPA headlines summarises its report on this case: “the President of the Court of First Instance in Brussels, Belgium, ordered Facebook Inc., Facebook Ireland Limited and Facebook Belgium SPRL in summary proceedings to cease registering via cookies and social plug-ins which websites internet users from Belgium who do not have a Facebook account visit.