European Parliament LIBE Committee issues negative draft opinion on EU-US data adequacy

The European Commission should not give the US adequacy status based on the proposed EU-US framework for data transfers, the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) says in its draft opinion.

The MEPs say that the proposed framework fails to create actual equivalence in the level of protection, and that meaningful reforms need to be in place. They say for example that the new US Data Protection Review Court is part of the executive branch and not the judiciary.

The draft motion for a resolution dated 14 February also lists other points that the MEPs regard as problematic. The MEPs point out that all other third countries that have received an adequacy decision under the EU GDPR have a national data protection law, whereas the US still does not have a federal comprehensive data protection law.

The MEPs call on the Commission to continue negotiations with its US counterparts. The European Data Protection Board is also due to issue a non-binding opinion as an advisory to the European Commission.

See: European Parliament - Draft Motion for a Resolution