EU creates an AI office

As the EU AI Act is soon to be adopted, the EU Commission has announced that it will create an AI Office to contribute to the implementation and enforcement of the forthcoming Regulation.

The AI Office will aim to issue guidance to establish harmonised rules across EU, and encourage and facilitate the drawing up of codes of practices and codes of conducts at Union level. It will also contribute to the implementation of international rules and principles on AI, such as the G7 Code of Conduct and Guiding Principles for developers of advanced AI systems.

The establishment of this office will not affect the powers and competences of national authorities responsible for AI.

It is expected that Member States and the European Parliament will approve the AI Act next month. Most parts of the AI Act will not be enforceable until 2026. However, the prohibitions on specified categories of banned AI will come into force late 2024.

The announcement was made today. See Commission Decision Establishing the European AI Office