EU Council reviews the functioning of the GDPR

To prepare the Council position on the functioning of the GDPR, the Finnish Presidency will research and write a report by the end of the year. Its views will inform the Commission, which is obliged under the GDPR to submit a report by 25 May 2020 on the evaluation and review of the Regulation to the European Parliament and the Council.

The Presidency will, at the Working Party on Information Exchange and Data Protection (DAPIX) meeting on 3 September, outline how the Council will draft its position. The Commission will inform the Member States of the kind of information it expects to receive in order to prepare its report. National delegations may at this point raise some issues they wish to include in the Council position. The Commission may also request information from the supervisory authorities.

The Commission will request:

  1. Information Member States can share on the use of adequacy decisions and/or relevant developments in countries or territories benefiting from a Commission's adequacy decision.
  2. Information concerning the independence and resources of the Data Protection Authorities, including their functions under the GDPR cooperation and consistency mechanism.
  3. Information which would allow the Council and the Commission to verify the effectiveness of the coherent interpretation and application of the GDPR throughout the EU by the cooperation and consistency mechanism provided by the GDPR.

Read more about this topic, national implementation of the GDPR, and adequacy decisions in PL&B International Report, to be published 2 August.