EU Commission seeks views on GDPR

The European Commission has launched a call for evidence to find out how the GDPR is working in practice. Although the official line is that the GDPR will not be reopened, but amended where it has not been working in the best possible way, this consultation seeks views on all aspects of the application of the GDPR in the EU Member States.

The Commission made a proposal for a Regulation on GDPR procedural rules regarding the One-Stop-Shop in July 2023.

Based on feedback, the Commission will prepare a report on how GDPR rules have been applied six years after their entry into application. This builds on the report that was published in 2020. According to Article 97 of the GDPR, the Commission has to conduct a review every four years. It is expected that the results of this review will be published mid-2024.

Respondents may use the same questionnaire that was sent to the GDPR Multistakeholder Expert Group in September 2023. Importantly, this addressed, among other issues, the GDPR and innovation/new technologies. Qiestions include:

a. What is the overall impact of the GDPR on the approach to innovation and to new technologies?
b. Please provide your views on the interaction between the GDPR and new initiatives under the Data Strategy (e.g., Data Act, Data Governance Act, European Health Data Space etc.).

Feedback must be sent by 8 February 2024 (midnight Brussels time).

See the Call for Evidence and questionnaire

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