EU Art. 29 DP Working Party meets search engines to discuss “right to be forgotten”

The EU’s national Data Protection Authorities meeting as the EU Art. 29 DP Working Party yesterday had a meeting with the three major search engine companies, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, to discuss the ways in which they have implemented the “right to be forgotten” decision of the European Court of Justice (PL&B International e-news 13th May 2014).

The Art 29 DPWP stated that they wanted the companies’ input into the guidelines they would publish later this year which would “aim at ensuring a consistent handling of complaints by European DPAs facing requests lodged by individuals following delisting refusals by search engines. The guidelines should also frame the action of search engines ensuring the consistent and uniform implementation of the ruling.”

See the full list of questions put to the companies at the meeting and additional questions on which written answers are expected by the end of July.