EU AI Act makes progress

The proposed EU AI Act was discussed at the CPDP conference in Brussels yesterday in the context of content moderation in social media. The recent events in Ukraine show that technology alone is not enough without human intervention.

Speaking yesterday at the conference on risks and innovation in content moderation by social media platforms, Eva Maydell, MEP and Co-Chair of the Intergroup on Artificial Intelligence in the European Parliament, said that we need to concentrate on the content itself as opposed to a blanket regulation for the whole sector.

She said that the Digital Services Act and the AI Act need to be consistent. We do not want to kill the platforms but make sure they can achieve what we ask of them, she said. A multi-stakeholder approach is needed.

We need to see the big picture, she said. Who are our friends and foes? Ideally there would be global rules.

There is good cooperation between the Shadow Rapporteurs [representing the different political groups] in Parliament, she said. A report can be expected in June. The LIBE Committee (Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs) and the IMCO Committee (Internal Markets and Consumer Protection) issued a draft report on the AI Act on 11 May. MEPs had until 18 May to propose amendments. A vote at the plenary is expected in November.

Other sessions at the conference discussed different aspects of AI, for example the power imbalances when using AI at border controls, and facial recognition technology.

The CPDP conference continues today, 25 May. We will report on the proceedings in the next issues of PL&B Reports.