DPAs to strengthen enforcement cooperation

Data Protection Authorities say that they will further strengthen their cooperation in order to ensure effective enforcement across jurisdictions. Speaking at the DPAs' 35th international conference in Warsaw on 26 September, UK Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, who is the co-chair of the DPAs' Global Privacy Enforcement Network, GPEN, said: "It is a no-brainer. We are dealing with a global phenomenon. It is in the interests of citizens that enforcement is effective. For business, not having to deal with different enforcement regimes means less cost and burden."

Graham explained that the DPAs are now going to establish a more formal framework to deal with global enforcement issues. An annual enforcement meeting, to take place in April 2014 in Manchester, UK, and teleconferences will aid cooperation.

The DPAs intend to develop a secure information platform which offers a ‘safe space’ for privacy enforcement authorities to share confidential information and to facilitate the initiation and conduct of coordinated enforcement action.

The DPAs have already stepped up their cooperation as they have taken action on mobile apps and will next tackle Big Data and the Internet of Things. "We are actively looking for enforcement projects," Graham said.

The DPAs adopted several resolutions at the conference.

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