DPAs’ Enforcement Network grows in numbers and reach

The Data Protection Authorities’ Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN), now has 59 privacy enforcement authority members in 43 jurisdictions. In 2016, GPEN intends to increase membership from under-represented regions (Africa, Asia, South America), and conduct another privacy sweep. The 2015 sweep reviewed the processing of children’s data.

In 2015, the group launched, with eight inaugural participants, GPEN Alert, a new information-sharing system that enables participating authorities to better coordinate international privacy investigations.

The GPEN committee, which includes five members (Canada; Israel, the United Kingdom; the US Federal Trade Commission; and Hong Kong) issued its second GPEN annual report today. Alon Bachar, Head of the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority (ILITA) said: “Collaboration between data protection authorities is crucial for mitigating privacy risks and for enhancing trust in the digital environment. I am pleased to say that the GPEN Annual Report shows that GPEN is an outstanding platform for privacy enhancement domestically and globally. Activities like the monthly teleconferences enable regulators to share their expertise and experience. New mechanisms like the alert tool and initiatives like the 'Sweep' enable data protection authorities to collaborate in enforcement actions. I am proud of GPEN's success to increase privacy around the world.”

PL&B is pleased to announce that it has organised a session on GPEN activities at Great Expectations, its 29th Annual International Conference, 4-6 July in Cambridge. Speakers at this session will include at least two GPEN committee members: Daniel Therrien, Privacy Commissioner of Canada, and Hannah McCausland, Senior International Policy Officer, or a colleague, representing the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office.

The GPEN Annual Report