DP Commissioners to discuss assessment of risk at their September international conference

The 35th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, hosted by Poland, 23-26 September, will discuss, among other things, assessment of risk related to data processing. Dr. Wojciech R. Wiewiórowski, Poland’s Data Protection Commissioner said: “It is vital, since legal means should be tailored to the actual threats. If the risk is low, the means should also not be particularly restrictive.”

This is also the view put forward to the European Commission regarding the EU Data Protection draft Regulation by some other national Data Protection Authorities in the EU, and is thus likely to generate a lively discussion. Other topics include interoperability between regions, privacy and technology (for example, big data and mobile applications) and ‘Actors: perspectives, roles and interests’.

The event will be opened by Françoise Le Bail, Director General for Justice at the European Commission, Dr Wiewiórowski and Michał Boni, Minister of Administration and Digitisation, Poland, and followed by a panel discussing ‘Privacy as a Cultural Value’.

Privacy Laws & Business will be participating in and reporting back from the event in PL&B International Report