Argentina adopts new regulations on CCTV and Do Not Call registry

Argentina has enacted two new regulations: the first one is related to sanctions and the recently adopted national Do Not Call registry, and the second one is about CCTV.

The new Sanctions Regulation (Disp. 9/2015) provides a new scale of fines (up to US$ 12,000 for very serious breaches and US$ 3,000 to US$ 10,000 for serious breaches). An example of a serious breach would be a breach of the Do Not Call regulation in marketing campaigns (even if the caller is located abroad). The DPA has already issued 60 enforcement notices. An example of a very serious breach would be international transfers in breach of the Data Protection Act.

To comply with the Do Not Call regulations, companies need to register and download the database of individuals who do not want to be called (every 30 days).

The new CCTV Regulation (Disp. 10/2015) addresses the use of video cameras for purposes of video surveillance. The Regulation applies both to the public and private sectors, and it requires data controllers to apply, if possible, notice and consent provisions to CCTV related data processing.

Reported for PL&B by Pablo A. Palazzi, Attorney, Allende & Brea law firm, Argentina. Email: