Helping young people to better protect their privacy and safety online

16 March 2022



This webinar will enable you to learn what protecting the best interests of the child means in practice.


Recorded: Wednesday 16 March 2022
Duration: 90 mins
Location: Online
CPE Credits: 1.5

Keeping young people safe online is the responsibility of several parties including, but not limited to companies, policymakers and regulators, parents/caregivers and young people themselves. In this session, we will discuss how we can come together to help young people to better protect their privacy and safety online.

Age verification is only one point. We will also have perspectives from Ireland’s DPA, video games companies, academics, and from Meta on what it is doing in practice in this area.

The panel will discuss whether there is likely to be consensus on steps to achieve substantive improvements, from the privacy perspective, in online experiences for young people in the next two years, recognizing different stages of maturity from young children to those approaching 18 years old.


  • Professor Nikolaus Forgó, Professor of IT and IP Law, Head of the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law, The University of Vienna


  • Jürgen Bänsch, Director, Policy & Public Affairs, ISFE, Brussels, representing Europe’s video games industry
  • Andrew Carroll, Acting Head of Children’s Policy, Data Protection Commission, Dublin
  • Iain Corby, Executive Director, The Age Verification Providers’ Association (AVPA) and Project Manager, euCONSENT, London
  • Rachael Gallagher, Privacy Policy Manager, EMEA, Meta, Dublin
  • Professor Brian O’Neill, Work Package Lead - Policies and Policy Stakeholders, Children Online: Research and Evidence & Deputy Chair, National Advisory Council for Online Safety, Dublin

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