Privacy Officers Network

28 - 29 April 2009

Zurich, Switzerland


Tuesday 28 April 2009

Afternoon Briefing
Host: Homburger AG, Zurich

Presentations by:

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Wednesday 29 April 2009

09.00-16.00 Roundtable with Switzerland's Federal Data Protection Commission

Presentations and discussion with the Data Protection Commission including:

  • Hanspeter Thür, Data Protection Commissioner
  • Jean-Philippe Walter Deputy Data Protection Commissioner


1. The role of the Commissioner in the private sector

Mr. Hanspeter Thür, Data Protection Commissioner, will present the functions of the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC), and the standard procedures of how the FDPIC deals with complaints, including legal means and procedures.

2. The FADP in the international context

Mr. Jean-Philippe Walter, Deputy Data Protection Commissioner, will discuss the federal data protection law (FADP) in an international context. He will present the legal options for international data transfers under the FADP (especially Art. 6) and will introduce the US-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework.

3. Data Protection and employment issues

Mr. Giordano Costa will present the data protection legislation within the employment area and will give practical examples of how companies implement the FADP.

4. Register of data files and internal data protection officers

Mr. Marc Frédéric Schäfer will present under which circumstances private persons must declare their data files to the Data Protection Commissioner and how they can avoid a declaration by appointing a data protection officer.

5. Certification

Mr. Pierre-Yves Baumann will present the options of quality marks and certification procedures according to the FADP.