Privacy Officers Network

24 April 2002

London, UK


The second meeting.

Demonstration of Intranets

  • By whom is the Intranet accessible?
  • Demonstration of its capabilities.
  • Is it monitored
    (i) For individual use?
    (ii) To gather anonymous statistical data?
  • Which countries are covered?
    (i) Are there differences in the Intranet sitesoffered to different countries?
  • Which data protection/privacy issues are addressed?
  • Relationship between Intranet training and other training media.
  • Are there different levels of access for different levels of staff?
  • Updating – frequency.
  • Resources required – human & financial.
  • Design – internal/external.
  • Practical problems.
  • What works well?

Employee Monitoring

  • How does your organisation monitor employee:
    a. Telephone usage
    b. E-mail usage
    c. Internet access
  • Testing for:
    a. Alcohol
    b. Drugs
  • Does your organisation:
    a. Provide pre-employment health screening?
    b. Provide health care services and/or counselling services during employment? If so, who has access to this data?
    c. Have any sort of employee video surveillance?
  • Describe the process your organisation undertook when drafting its monitoring policy.

Meeting agenda