Building Data Protection Law Into Offshore Outsourcing Relationships

18 May 2005

Simmons & Simmons, London


Outsourcing to foreign locations offers significant operational and cost benefits to organisations.

It equally presents businesses with major legal and commercial risks. Different regulatory regimes protecting the use and flow of personal data apply in different countries and outsourcings that cover more than one country need to deal with these requirements. Failure to adequately protect personal data processed in the service provider’s country could lead to a breach of data protection laws and significant adverse publicity.

Companies need to ensure that data protection safeguards are built into outsourcing arrangements. These safeguards must not only be legally sound but also commercially and practically viable. Achieving these goals is no easy task but this half day event will provide you with all the tools, advice and know how needed to deal with the data protection aspects of outsourcing.

Key Issues:

  • Negotiating outsourcing contracts
  • Legally transferring data overseas
  • Practical compliance standards
  • Assessing outsourcing partners