Germany’s Data Protection Law: Trends, Opportunities & Conflicts

28 October - 25 November 2020

Online Event


5 webinars to help you navigate the confusing landscape of Germany's data protection law and understand how to take it into account when doing business in Germany.

Session Title
1 Convergence and conflicts with other laws
2 International Transfers
3 Joint controllers: Status and developments
4 Privacy and labor law: A complex interaction
5 Enforcement trends by German regulators and damage claims

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While Germany is the EU Member State with the largest economy and the highest population in Europe, the working of its data protection law is the most complex to understand.

Enforcement is split between the Federal level and the 16 separate Lander (state) Data Protection Authorities, and each Land has its own courts. Appeals can sometimes go to a higher federal court. In addition, regulatory traditions vary with some DPAs favouring a stricter interpretation of the law while others are more pragmatic.

Speakers include several of Germany’s Data Protection Authorities, Covington & Burling’s lawyers from its Frankfurt office and Germany’s DP Association, the GDD.

Attending this series of webinars will enable you to:

  1. Understand the long-term influence of data protection and consumer law on national competition law. The Federal Cartel Office’s decision in the Facebook case has been appealed from a Land court to a higher federal court.
  2. Learn about the draft of Germany’s new law against Restraints of Competition, digitalisation and personal data. This statute will have impacts on any company, not just tech giants.
  3. Assess the practical steps which can be deduced from judgements in recent cases concerning joint controllers.
  4. Understand the extent Standard Contractual Clauses for international transfers are still valid as a result of cases in the Court of Justice of the European Union.
  5. Discuss how the GDPR and Germany’s data protection law interact with national employment law and the well-established system of works councils.
  6. Recognise the trends in fines imposed by the Land Data Protection Authorities.
  7. Find out the basis for calculating data subjects’ claims for damages.
  8. Gain a platform of knowledge so you can put into context recommendations from your German lawyers about your specific issues and work with them in a more time-efficient way.

5 CPE credits available

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