Asian Data Privacy Laws

05 October 2018

Linklaters, London


Data protection and privacy laws work very differently in Asia compared with Europe and North America. How do you address privacy challenges in this fast-growing region?

To what extent are the Asian laws responding to the EU Data Protection Regulation?

To what extent do the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules have traction in the region?

In which countries should companies expect mediation to play a role?

This half day workshop will provide you with your ideal update on Asian Data Privacy Laws, their impact on business and what may lie ahead. It will cover:

  • The latest privacy law developments in India, China, Japan and Korea
  • Significant developments expected across other Asian jurisdictions, such as Thailand and Indonesia
  • Questions companies are asking and practical steps they are taking to adapt their operations
  • Helping your company plan where to allocate resources according to your risk profile

This workshop will provide you with your ideal update on privacy law developments in Asia and what may lie ahead.

Date and Location

Friday 5 October 2018
09.00 - 13.30

Venue: Linklaters, London

This event qualifies for 3 SRA CPD hours


  • Graham Greenleaf

    Professor Graham Greenleaf

    Asia-Pacific Editor, Privacy Laws & Business

    Professor Graham Greenleaf has worked with Privacy Laws & Business since attending PL&B’s 3rd Annual International Conference in 1991.

    Graham has since 2006 provided consultancy advice to the European Commission on data privacy laws in 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. He has since 2011 researched the global survey of privacy laws published every 2 years by PL&B International Report.

    His most recent book on data protection is Asian Data Privacy Laws: Trade and Human Rights Perspectives (OUP, 2014). He has unrivalled in-depth knowledge of privacy bills and the working of privacy laws in the region.

  • Adrian Fisher

    Adrian Fisher

    Head of Privacy Practice, Linklaters, Singapore

    Adrian is a senior technology and data privacy lawyer, and leads Linklaters’ data privacy practice in Asia. He is based in Singapore, and has previously worked in China, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe. Adrian and his team work closely with clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region across a range of industries on the implications of the emerging data privacy landscape in Asia. Digitisation and digital transformation are a large part of what Adrian’s team focuses on. As part of that Adrian and his team support clients on the legal and regulatory issues (which increasingly revolve around data governance) that arise in moving operations and business functions from traditional environments to online or digital environments.

    He is a regular speaker at conferences in Asia on data privacy and fintech, and is a committee member of the Singapore FinTech Association.



Time Session Details
09.00 Registration


Asia Overview
Professor Graham Greenleaf and Adrian Fisher
Regional developments and what we are seeing in the market


Adrian Fisher - The Cybersecurity Law
Professor Graham Greenleaf - The development of data protection law

11.00 Tea/coffee Break


Japan and Korea
Professor Graham Greenleaf - The status of adequacy findings. The factors which will favour and work against current and future adequacy applications from the leaders, Japan and South Korea, and potential new applicants, such as Taiwan


Professor Graham Greenleaf - Developments in data protection law
Adrian Fisher - How the market is responding

India’s government has claimed that it is ready for an EU adequacy application. But do the facts support this position? The SriKrishna Committee has proposed a law which, if enacted, might allow India to make a plausible claim, but has many potential deficiencies.


Professor Graham Greenleaf and Adrian Fisher
Summary and the major developments expected across Asian jurisdictions in the next 12 months


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