Asia-Pacific Briefing

11 December 2007

Dechert LLP, London


If your company does business in the Asia-Pacific region, you need to understand the latest privacy developments.

Professor Graham Greenleaf, Asia-Pacific Editor, Privacy Laws & Business, will cover some of the most pressing issues, such as:

  1. How much progress is being made by the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) privacy process? What does it mean for doing business in the countries, such as Japan and New Zealand, with privacy laws? How much attention is being given to this process by those countries without a privacy law, such as China and Singapore?
  2. What are the privacy law changes ahead for Australia with a new Labour government after 11 years of Conservative rule?
  3. Is Hong Kong expected to retain its Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, a European style data protection law? Will China’s government expect it to be amended if China adopts a privacy law? Will Hong Kong seek European Union adequacy status? Or does it find the APEC process more attractive?
  4. Is going to court to seek civil awards for privacy damage becoming more popular with consumers in Japan? How important is the notion of a formal corporate apology?
  5. How can you best keep yourself up to date with privacy developments in the Asia-Pacific region?

Host: Dechert LLP