Privacy Officers Network

12 September 2002



European Union’s Article 29 DP Working Party

Diana Alonso Blas, European Commission, DG Market, Data Protection Unit

Jonathan Bamford, Assistant Commissioner, Office of the Information Commissioner, UK, a member of the Art 29 Data Protection Working Party

  • Participants in the Art. 29 DPWP: the role of the European Commission, the observers and the accession countries
  • The Art. 29 DP Working Party’s relationship with the European Commission and the Art. 31 Committee
  • Rules of procedure
  • How the Art. 29 DP Working Party’s agenda is chosen and prioritised
  • How the Art. 29 DPWP conducts discussions and reaches decisions
  • Main subjects dealt with by the Art. 29 DPWP
  • Tasks of the Art. 29 DPWP in legal and practical terms. For example, the WP’s role concerning European codes of conduct, adequacy decisions and model contracts.
  • Publicity for the work of the Art. 29 DPWP
  • Future plans
  • How to overcome differences of interpretation of the EU Directive by different national Data Protection Authorities.
  • How effective is the Art 29 DPWP in addressing this issue?
  • Consultation issues.
  • Procedures to make the Art 29 DPWP more transparent on the development and publication of position papers and policies.