Privacy in a Connected World

06 - 08 July 2015

St John's College, Cambridge, UK


The conference will address the wide range of ways in which companies need to understand and manage legally the flow of personal data between countries, companies, and objects related to people. Now that 109 countries have national privacy laws, what are the unintended consequences when managing a global privacy function? While EU tensions with the USA Safe Harbor rumble on, we will also cover major privacy developments in China.

12 Conference themes

  1. Privacy in a connected world: tracking, wearable tech, drones, connected cars; Big Data
  2. Reports: Ireland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates; Hong Kong; USA; United Kingdom; The European Data Protection Supervisor; China
  3. Managing a global privacy function
  4. Enforcement: France; the Netherlands; the United Kingdom; the Global Privacy Enforcement Network
  5. E-commerce
  6. US Safe Harbor
  7. Progress report on the EU Data Protection draft Regulation
  8. Surveillance
  9. The International Privacy Law Library
  10. Practical privacy management; Research; Subject access; Privacy risks and Privacy by Design; Privacy Impact Assessments; Cloud; Audits
  11. Hiring private investigators
  12. Your privacy career

A unique summer-school atmosphere

This year, PL&B's 28th Annual International Conference: "Privacy in a Connected World" returns to St John's College, Cambridge, where participants will enjoy the excellent refurbished facilities at the new conference centre. Come and experience a classic Cambridge college and walk across the Bridge of Sighs.

This residential conference is an opportunity to enjoy a unique friendly summer school atmosphere, while mingling with a group of Data Protection Commissioners, privacy managers, specialist lawyers and academics from many countries.

The conference brings you into close contact with privacy regulators, challenges conventional wisdom, offers good networking experience and provides excellent value for money.