Managing data protection law risks to your business in Italy

24 - 25 March 2015


THIS MEETING with the Garante, Italy's Data Protection Authority, covers the main privacy law issues which all companies need to understand to conduct business in Italy without risking investigation and sanctions.

Host: NCTM

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Simultaneous Italian-English/English-Italian interpretation will be provided
Sarà fornita traduzione simultanea inglese-italiano e italiano-inglese

Each subject will be covered by the Garante and other speakers and the programme includes time for participant discussion in all sessions.

All speakers and other participants are invited to a dinner in the evening at a restaurant near to the office of host law firm, NCTM, in the centre of Rome. The cost of the dinner is included in the Roundtable fee.


Data Protection Authority and Government: Augusta Iannini, Vice-President, Garante, and 9 members of the Garante staff; Allegra Migliorini, Chair of the EU Council of Ministers DP Regulation (DAPIX) Committee under Italy's EU Presidency and Magistrate attached to Judicial Cooperation Office' (General Directorate for Criminal Justice), the Ministry of Justice, Rome

Financial Police Inspectors: Colonel Luciano Lizzi, Head of the Privacy Squad, Guardia di Finanza (Financial Police)

European Commission: Bruno Gencarelli, Head of the Data Protection Unit, Directorate-General Justice and Consumers, European Commission, Brussels

Lawyers: Rocco Panetta, Head of Privacy & IT Compliance, NCTM, Rome and Secretary General, ICF; Paolo Todaro, Rucellai & Raffaelli, Roma; Luca Bolognini, Founding Partner, ICT Legal Consulting, Rome and President, Istituto Italiano per la Privacy (IIP), Italian Institute for Privacy

Company: Anna Cataleta, Director, Privacy, 3, the mobile telecom operator, the H3G Group; Fabrizio Vigo, CEO, Consodata, and Chairman, Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Italy; Data Protection Officers: Matteo Colombo, President, ASSODPO and CEO, Labor Project, Como; and Alberto Quarti, Data Protection Officer, ATB SpA, Bergamo; Andrea Marini, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Vodafone Italia.

Academic: Marco Bassini, Fellow, PhD Researcher in EU Constitutional Law, University of Verona.


1.The Garante's perspective
2.International transfers of personal data
3.Employment law and data protection law: Balancing management's need for control and workers' rights
4.Governance of the data protection function
5.Marketing and telemarketing: Gaining consent for use of personal data
6.Data breach notification
7.Enforcement of the Garante's decisions, data protection law inspection by the Garante and/or the Guardia di Finanza (financial police). Preparing, performing the inspections, and assessing the results.
8.Preparing for the EU Data Protection Regulation


1.Italian Compliance Forum 

2.Associazione Data Protection Officer 

3.L'Associazione Nazionale per la Difesa della Privacy (National Association for the Defence of Privacy - ANDIP) for information on training and consulting in the field of privacy) 

4. Istituto Italiano per la Privacy (IIP), Italian Institute for Privacy