Value Privacy, Secure Your Reputation, Reduce Risk

07 - 09 July 2008

St. John's College, Cambridge, UK


DATA PROTECTION LAW is more than a legal right.

For those organizations which are alert to the potential for reputational benefit and damage, getting privacy right can enhance brand loyalty and value and provide a distinctive feature and advantage.

For organizations which ignore privacy values, the results can be a downward spiral of trust from customers and employees which diminishes the way in which your organization is perceived.
You should organize the daily routines of staff training, website privacy statements, and data protection audits. How do you train customer-facing staff to verify the identity of callers? How do you manage data protection processes when you operate in many countries?

This year’s conference gives unprecedented time to reducing privacy risks by providing corporate case studies of risk management, analysis of legal risk, and two intensive workshops: How to Conduct Privacy Impact Assessments, and How to Win a European Privacy Seal.

Discussions on some of the most pressing current issues will include the main actors who will engage the audience on the fine line between personalisation and surveillance when conducting targeted behavioural marketing via websites; and how to handle mobile marketing. At this conference, mix
with regulators at EU and national levels; leading lawyers; data protection managers; consultants, academics and public interest groups. 

For those in the UK, there are sessions on how the Freedom of Information Act challenges the balance of power; government announcements on changes which will impact companies providing public sector services; and on the timetable for strengthening the Information Commissioner’s powers to conduct compulsory audits.