Integrating Privacy into your Business Strategy

05 - 07 July 2004

St. John's College, Cambridge, UK


BY ATTENDING THIS CONFERENCE, you will learn how to integrate privacy into your business strategy.


Conference programme

You will hear from world class speakers how to use privacy to enhance your organisation’s reputation and protect its brand and share value. You will learn from models of excellence from around the world how to sustain privacy as part of your core business operations.

This year’s programme marks the development of privacy and data protection values as a key constituent of many organisations’ business strategies. These values can underpin business goals and influence many areas which have not traditionally been privacy sensitive. Privacy values are vital because they visibly influence the way that organisations deal with people: customers, prospects,
employees, shareholders and the media. 

In a climate of rising expectations, organisations which skillfully manage personal data, will avoid the privacy problems faced by many others. Privacy regulators will explain their compliance and enforcement strategies. You will also learn how to be alert to prevent privacy vulnerabilities, develop a defensible legal position and respond effectively if staff make mistakes and problems occur. 

You are sure to gain professionally by attending this conference and networking with your peers and conference speakers. Scan the horizon for new privacy issues and enjoy the unique summer school atmosphere.