Transforming Risk Assessment Into Everyday Compliance with Data Protection

07 - 09 July 2003

St. John's College, Cambridge, UK


THIS YEAR’S PROGRAMME recognises the blunt reality that data protection laws represent an ideal of principles based on privacy rights and good management practices. 


Conference programme

But few will be able to reach the goal of compliance simultaneously in all areas of their operations. If you are responsible for managing or advising on your organisation’s privacy law and/or freedom of information compliance policy, this conference will directly address your everyday concerns.

This year’s conference tackles the challenge of how to conduct a risk assessment and then transform it into everyday compliance across your organisation. This is an area which requires constant effort.

The organisations which will share their experience with conference participants do not claim to have a road map to guaranteed success, but will explain their approaches to achieving compliance.

Richard Thomas, the UK’s new Information Commissioner, will spell out his new strategic direction and priorities in separate sessions on DP and FoI laws. It is clear that although the risk of legal sanctions is a powerful driver to action, it is closely followed by a concern to protect the risk to an organisation’s reputation. A relatively small investment in protecting privacy rights of customers, prospects, employees and others will achieve a win-win situation.

By attending this conference, you will learn how not only to satisfy the privacy regulators but also enhance your organisation’s reputation as a trustworthy and reliable processor of personal data. You are sure to gain professionally, hear and meet world class speakers, scan the horizon for new issues and enjoy the unique summer school atmosphere.