Developing Successful Privacy Relationships

01 - 03 July 2002

St. John's College, Cambridge, UK


THIS YEAR’S PROGRAMME focuses on developing and managing privacy relationships

Successful privacy relationship management can do more than give your organisation a competitive advantage.

Conference programme

Ultimately you can help your organisation build value through better management of your relationships with customers, prospects, employees and other groups, all of whom have different privacy expectations.

This year we offer a new option of attending an audit workshop on July 3rd/4th or a meeting of the European Privacy Officers Network on July 4th.


  • A well balanced programme finely attuned to your needs, covering current and future issues, and also clarifying the actions your organisation may need to take to ensure compliance with the law
  • Speakers will include managers, Data Protection Authorities, and lawyers
  • Optimum time and space to network not only with colleagues in other organisations but also with staff from Data Protection Authorities from several countries who are eager to discuss issues informally with you 
  • 17 Continuing Professional Development Hours