Reusing PL&B Content

We are always happy to consider permission to reuse Privacy Laws & Business (PL&B) content.

News, Blogs, Videos, Slides & Podcasts

If you would like to re-use any of our News, Blogs, Videos, Slides or Podcasts, please e-mail and provide the following details:

  1. Your name
  2. Organisation
  3. Reason for reuse
  4. How the content will be reused
  5. Details of the content to be used


You will need a permissions licence if you wish to reproduce an extract from a PL&B Report. Examples may include:

  • Reproducing or translating:
    • Report articles
    • text extracts
    • figures, illustrations
  • Request digitisation or photocopying of PL&B material

Requests to reuse content from PL&B Reports are processed through PLSclear. Please search for "Privacy Laws & Business"  in the widget below, or visit to complete your permission request, and we will come back to you.

The required details you will need to provide are:

  1. Title of the Report:
    • Privacy Laws & Business International Report
    • or
    • Privacy Laws & Business United Kingdom Report
  2. Month and year of the issue in which the article was published
  3. Title of the article


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