Data transfers and progress with Mexico’s EU adequacy

Mexico is working towards EU adequacy, and as Chair of the Global Privacy Assembly, global data protection standards. By Josefina Román Vergara, Commissioner at the INAI(1), Mexico.

In an era defined by globalization and digital interconnectedness, international data transfers stand at the forefront of personal data protection discussions. As companies and organizations increasingly navigate the digital landscape, the transfer of personal data across borders becomes a vital component of daily activities, impacting international trade, research and development, and posing challenges to privacy and information security. Regulatory frameworks and international agreements are essential to ensure the safeguarding of personal data amidst this dynamic landscape.

International data transfers play a pivotal role in facilitating global commerce, enabling companies to exchange information about products, services, and transactions on a grand scale. Furthermore, these transfers are indispensable for advancing research and development in various fields, including science, technology, artificial intelligence, and medicine, allowing researchers to collaborate and share information globally.

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