Generative AI – implications, risks and challenges

Generative AI dominated the Davos World Economic Forum discussions recently. Frank Madden of IBM provides an update on the management of Generative AI.(1)

Generative AI(2) (GenAI) raises societal as well as technical questions that are relevant to the privacy professional and others involved in GenAI ­governance. While many socio-technical challenges have been identified, solutions already exist in some areas.

Data protection

There are 162+ jurisdictions with data protection laws(3) (not including US states nor Canadian provinces and territories). Whilst the GDPR has influenced international data protection law, many jurisdictions, notably in Asia, do not permit GDPR’s “legitimate interest” as a legal basis. The use of personal data in GenAI is especially relevant in jurisdictions that use consent instead.(4) Therefore, clarity on the presence of personal data within GenAI is critical. In addition, the use of automated decision-making based solely on profiling is falling foul of international data protection laws.(5) The prohibition of profiling is fast becoming global compelling law.(6)

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