Global data privacy laws 2023: International standards stall, but UK disrupt

The post-Brexit UK is disrupting some international standards outside Europe, while EU GDPR and CoE 108+ developments are slow. By Graham Greenleaf.

Since 2020 there has been very limited progress in the development of international data privacy standards. This contrasts with modest progress in 2019-20 (‘Uncertain paths for international standardsPL&B International Report February 2021, pp. 23-27) and with the watershed period of 2017-18 (PL&B International Report February 2019, pp.19-20). Developments in 2021 to mid-2023 are analysed in this article, and the changes to the countries affected are detailed in my ‘Global data privacy laws 2023’ (PL&B International Report February 2023 pp.1, 3-4).

EU GDPR-created standards (emulation and adequacy)

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