Protecting children’s privacy and safety online – child’s play?

As European regulators, especially in Ireland and the UK are expected to emphasise enforcing children’s privacy, now is the time to ensure compliance. By Laura Linkomies.

Keeping young people safe online is the responsibility of several parties. PL&B’s webinar, in cooperation with Meta, on 16 March explored the different roles of companies, policymakers and regulators, parents/care givers and young people themselves. In the session, we heard the views of Jürgen Bänsch, Director, Policy & Public Affairs, ISFE, Brussels, representing Europe’s video games industry; Andrew Carroll, Acting Head of Children’s Policy, Data Protection Commission, Ireland; Iain Corby, Executive Director, The Age Verification Providers’ Association (AVPA) and Project Manager, euCONSENT, UK; Rachael Gallagher, Privacy Policy Manager, EMEA, Meta, Ireland; and Professor Brian O’Neill, Work Package Lead – Policies and Policy Stakeholders, Children Online: Research and Evidence & Deputy Chair, National Advisory Council for Online Safety, Ireland.

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