Report keeps India’s DP Bill partly within GDPR orbit

India’s Bill nudges closer to being adopted. Companies will face many new requirements including data localisation and expanded user rights. By Graham Greenleaf.

The thirty-member Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) of India’s two legislative chambers has presented its Report on The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019, two years after the Bill was referred to it in December 2019.(1) The delay was in part due to Covid. The Report is complex, containing a 40-page introduction to Indian’s data privacy policies (in the JPC’s view), 140 pages of a clause-by-clause examination of the Bill with recommendations for amendments, and 40 pages of dissenting reports from eight Committee members. The dissents primarily criticise the breadth of the grounds under which the government may exempt government agencies from the Bill. References to paragraph numbers, and to Recommendations (“Rec.”) are to the JPC’s Report.

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