Bermuda increases its presence on the international stage

Laura Linkomies talked to Bermuda’s Privacy Commissioner, Alexander White to find out about the challenges and successes during his first year in office.

Bermuda’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) was adopted in 2016, and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda was established at the same time. The Government of Bermuda is independent of the United Kingdom in all internal matters and has its own set of laws. The UK has a controlling interest in foreign affairs and defence.

The Privacy Commissioner Alexander White, appointed in January 2020, told PL&B in an interview that the Act is not yet fully in effect. “Provisions that deal with the creation and powers of the position of Privacy Commissioner have already come into effect, while other provisions that relate to specific rights and responsibilities are still in transition. My independent office is working closely with Government civil servants on a timeline and procedure, and minor edits for clarity,” White said.

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