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The UK will have to renegotiate data protection relationships with EEA countries

08/01/2019 by:

PL&B has today received reassurances from the government about the UK’s future relationship with the EU. As a response to a letter by PL&B CEO, Stewart Dresner, to the Prime Minister and other ministers arguing that from a data protection point of...

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Government issues draft data protection legislation to deal with Brexit

02/01/2019 by:

The draft legislation, The data protection, privacy and electronic communications (amendments etc) (EU exit) regulations 2019 , have been prepared to ensure that the UK data protection legal framework continues to function correctly after Brexit....

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Government issues key components of the Brexit ‘No Deal’ framework

17/12/2018 by:

The government issued, on 13 December, a technical note that complements the ICO’s guidance of the future data protection regime in case of a Brexit no-deal. The government says it is committed to ensure the UK data protection framework continues ...

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ICO advises companies on how to prepare for a possible no-deal Brexit

13/12/2018 by:

The ICO recommends steps that companies could take now to start preparing for data protection compliance if the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019 without a deal. The government has already made clear its intention to permit data to flow from the U...

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Spain approves GDPR-style law but not yet in force 

27/11/2018 by:

Spain’s Senate approved last week the law that will complement the GDPR. The text of the law has not yet been published. The adoption of the law has been delayed because, among other reasons, Spain’s legislature took the opportunity to add...

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