US business leaders voice strong support for federal privacy law

In a letter issued 10 September, a business roundtable, including IBM, Amazon, Dell, General Motors and Salesforce, alerted congressional leaders to the need to enact a US consumer data privacy law.

The 51 business leaders across different industries signed the letter stating that a law is needed as soon as possible, as a comprehensive consumer data privacy law would enable continued innovation and growth in the digital economy.

“There is now widespread agreement among companies across all sectors of the economy, policymakers and consumer groups about the need for a comprehensive federal consumer data privacy law that provides strong, consistent protections for American consumers…”

“We are committed to protecting consumer privacy and want consumers to have confidence that companies treat their personal information responsibly.”

This declaration is unusually strong referring to consumers’ “meaningful rights over their personal information and that companies that access this information should be held consistently accountable.”

The Business Roundtable has released a Framework for Consumer Privacy Legislation which provides a detailed roadmap of issues that a federal consumer privacy law should address.

Read the letter. 

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