The Global Privacy Enforcement Network increases in size and scope

The Global Privacy Enforcement Network, GPEN, is working towards the launch of a secure Internet-based platform that will allow GPEN members to alert other members about investigations and find out whether other members are investigating the same company or practice. Several DPAs, including the UK and Ireland, have agreed to help finance the system which will be launched this year.

The number of GPEN members has now increased from 38 to 53. These authorities are based in 39 economies, up from 27 economies in 2013, and include members from Africa, Asia and Latin America. According to GPEN’s Annual Report for 2014, the DP Authorities’ Sweep of mobile apps examined the privacy practices of over 1,200 apps and resulted in 23 authorities which signed a joint letter that was sent to seven major app marketplaces. The GPEN plans to conduct another enforcement sweep this year. It is also considering an International Network for Cybersecurity Enforcement.

GPEN is open to any public privacy enforcement authority that is responsible for enforcing laws or regulations, the enforcement of which has the effect of protecting personal data, and has powers to conduct investigations or pursue enforcement proceedings.


Privacy Laws & Business 28th Annual International Conference 6-8 July, Cambridge, UK, includes a session on enforcement. Speakers for this session are Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, President, the CNIL, France, WilbertTomesen, Deputy Chairman, the Netherlands’ DP Commission, Julie Brill, Commissioner, US Federal Trade Commission, and Christopher Graham, Information Commissioner, UK.