Coronavirus survey reveals broad impact on DP practices

60% of organisations that took part in PL&B survey are collecting data about employees' health status and possible symptoms of Covid-19, but over half (56%) do not inform other staff of those infected.

72% of respondents said they do not share this data with anyone. Of those who share data, 17% said they share it with health authorities, 13% with sister companies and other branches in the same organisation, and 3% with trade unions.

Reassuringly, nearly four-fifths (79%) of the respondents said that they are able to fulfil Data Subject Access Requests within statutory time limits. Another 17% said that they need an extension in some cases, and just 4% said they cannot meet the deadlines.

The survey, Data protection challenges created by the Coronavirus pandemic, ran between 16 April and 8 May.

Full survey results were published in PL&B UK Report, May 2020.