California approves Privacy Rights Act – a significant step in the US

California’s voters approved, on 3 November, the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (CPRA) which makes several amendments to the California Consumer Privacy Act 2018 (CCPA), such as granting new rights to consumers.

The CCPA is considered as the US strongest privacy law so far. The fact that California will now have even stronger provisions, enforced by a data protection agency, could enhance the chances for a future federal privacy law. Also, it is possible that California would in future seek EU adequacy for data transfers.

Businesses have time to adapt as the CPRA will not go into effect until 1 January 2023.

Read more about these developments in the next issue of PL&B International Report.

Privacy Laws & Business has organised, as part of the 33rd Annual International Conference, a webinar: California Consumer Privacy Act and its impact across the US, to take place on 19 November.

Speakers: Jennifer Archie and Michael Rubin, Partners at Latham & Watkins, USA