Shadow IT

30 March 2021

Free Webinar


A silent enemy at the gates of Data Protection

"Shadow IT" refers to the apps in the cloud, used or downloaded by employees of an organisation without the knowledge or consent of their IT Department. These unsanctioned apps are often used for very legitimate purposes, for example to improve productivity.

However, their usage can have serious unintended consequences, in terms of privacy and security compliance and accountability, for example in a GDPR context, and further reputational and financial implications.

Privacy practitioners, and anyone else in the organisation, need to be fully aware of the Shadow IT issue.

The webinar presentation will describe a realistic scenario in which a consolidated, ‘innocent’ habit of the workforce of a company, produces devastating outcomes.


  • Giampiero Nanni

    Giampiero Nanni

    Cybersecurity and Data Protection Consultant, HewardMills

    Giampiero is a cybersecurity and data protection professional with significant customer and regulatory engagement experience. At HewardMills, he advises clients on privacy and cybersecurity matters.

    In his latest engagement, he worked at the ITU (a UN Agency) where he was responsible for the production of the cybersecurity and risk management policy content for the 2020 G20. Prior to that, he was at Symantec in the Government Affairs EMEA team, also involved with internal privacy operations in the Global Privacy Office. In his roles he engaged with customers about the legislative characteristics of the GDPR, the business value of privacy compliance and the way organisations can implement the regulatory mandate through privacy and cybersecurity technological choices.

    Previous appointments include global brands including Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and Accenture.

    A regular public speaker about cybersecurity and privacy, he is an author of publications and articles on regulatory compliance.


Recorded Tuesday 30 March 2021


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